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Medicare Advantage 2012 was extablished to help medicare beneficiaries navigate the changes in Medicare Advantage plans, as they come about. Assisting Seniors undersatnd the differences and benefits between Medicare advante plans and Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) for the 2012 Medicare Advantage enrollment season.
Advising clients on Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and Medicare Part D (Rx Drug) Plans, the Senior Advisors Group is one of the premier Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental Insurance advisors in 36 states.  (States added all the time)

Our Mission: Provide objective and unbiased advice on over 300 different Medicare Insurance options. We remain on the side of clients and have no bias or obligation to any insurance company - representing all the names you know and trust. This is critical -- Insurance company employees can not be objective and are paid to enroll you in their plan. We can enroll you in any plan you choose, help with Rx assistance, Special Needs Plans, and other programs for those who qualify.

We will provide the best products as well as personalized service.

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